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Updated date: 22/05/2020


The José Hernández Institute, located in Villa Ballester, Province of Buenos Aires, is organizing "XXI INTERNATIONAL MODEL OF THE UNESCO 2020"

Supported by the UNESCO, by the Argentinean Chancellery and guaranteed by the National Commission of Cooperation with UNESCO

Date: 14 to 17 October, 2020
Place: Instituto José Hernández.
To know something more about our institution and Model you can enter in www.instjosehernandez.com.ar

It is a simulation of the General Conference of the UNESCO. It consists of informal negotiations and formal debates reaching the Resolution Projects, which are sent to the Education Ministry of the Argentinian Nation and also to the UNESCO Board in Paris. The young people are allowed to compromise with the reality to seek solutions to the various problems. It involves the preparation on matters about the world problems and international relationships.

This activity is not belligerent because of the quality of topics; in spite of it our ex-students, who take the part of Authorities in the Model, know how to manage the situation in case of any wrong attitude.It is a different way to focus the curricular contests.

Topics: Those defined by the General Conference of the UNESCO for two years (two questions per commission). They will be informed at an early date.
They are no chosen and random, but they are stated in the General Conference of UNESCO.

The participants: Students from 14 to 19 years old. (The older ones may be registered by both third level educational centres or by the university)

Procedure for participating:
The delegations can be composed of four or seven delegates.
Four students: each of the three treats two topics in each commission; the fourth student is the ambassador (the ambassador is who manages and knows the information about all the topics in questions in addition to the points of the country represented by his/her group. He/she interacts with the General Secretary).
Seven students: two delegates treat two topics in each commission; the seventh student is the ambassador. There are 193 member states of the UNESCO; each delegation will represent one country, which will be assigned as soon as the registration form is filled and returned by the participating school.

Deadline date: September 4, 2020
It is convenient it might be enough time before that date to have a longer list of countries to choose and also have more time for the investigation.

Procedure for registration:
Forms should be faxed or e-mailed. These forms also contain the topics and the member states of the UNESCO.
After they are filled, they have to be sent to our Institute.Registration fee. The cost by participant student is of U$S 50 (fifty American Dollars), it will have to be paid at the moment of accreditation for the event.
The payment of registration is through Western Union for Argentina Republic-Provincia de Buenos Aires under the name of Adriana Celia Vidal DNI 11 433 550 . After the payment you have to send by e-mail the transfer code and the name who deposited the money.
Payment will be in American dollars.

We wish to make clear that this is a non-profit activity; we do not receive any money from any organism; we just receive nominal support from National, foreign, governmental and non governmental organisms; they recognize its educational value and so, they reveal it. The registration fee, just for students, is for organization and administrative expenditures.
Neither the institution nor the teachers pay any registration fee; the last ones are offered two free capacity workshops and they receive a certificate for each of them.

The registration of the regular students of the participating school is asumed by the authority of such school: that is the registration form of the school and the the registration form of each student.
After receiving the registration (payment of the registration and the remit of the form). , the organizers will send the countries or country assigned , the capacity material, registration form, the authorization to be filled by the student’s family and the programs of events.
The time of the activities may be modified with no warning, in case of an unexpected situation or a better organization.
The Executive Board in charge has the right of admitting or staying of any of the students due to their behavior.
Other requirements:
Spanish spoken. If the delegation speaks English, a translator will work with them to help them.
One or more teachers from the participating school will be in charge of the delegations.
Only one teacher from the participating school will have to keep in touch with the Executive Board to require information. The contact may be by e-mail
The working papers written by the students (one for each commission) have to be sent 20 days before the Model to be checked.
Formal dress, i.e. the kind of dress that real UNESCO diplomatics might be expected to wear when attending the UNESCO sessions, is required at all meetings (boys: shirt, trousers, tie, coat- girls: trousers, skirt, blouse, smart t-shirts); no deep neck; no denim clothes.

Accreditation: Each school, each teacher and each student participant will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Travelling and accommodation: Schools are expected to make their own arrangements to and from Argentina.

Hotel and other services: Booking exclusively in charge of the participants. Cost of the hotel and other services: The participants take charge. The Executive Board does not include these points at issue in the organization; therefore it is not responsible about any trouble on it.

Other options for accommodation for students from our provinces and from abroad:
In case that the delegations cannot take the cost of the hotel, two options are offered

Private houses (our student’s houses): It´s only for students, not for teachers.
The gym in our Institute with the proper space and requirements to live in.

Explanation about accommodation:

In our students’ home (only students), during the Model; a day before and one/two days after it; it can agree with the family who offer their home. It is a free option. They have breakfast and
dinner there; lunch is had into the time of the activity and it can be had in the buffet of our school or in fast food shops near by. Only for students.

In our gymnasium prepared to receive guests where the ones who want to stay there can have breakfast and dinner. It is two blocks from the place of the Model.

In hotel. The reservation and cost is on the participants; our organization does not manage it. But if you like, we can send you a list of hotels given by our Ministry of Education; they are used in the framework of the Education Mercosur. Neither the Ministry nor we have any agreement with such hotels. They are situated in the center of Buenos Aires with the advantage you could have touring visit after each workday and with the disadvantage you have to travel 30 minutes
from the centre each day to attend the activity, you have to add the cost of it in your expenditure.
We can also recommend you another hotel, which is 10 minutes from our institute; delegations from Peru, Dominican Republic gave good references about it.
We suggest you have to book rooms beforehand with enough time; October is a month of a lot of activities in Buenos Aires.
We also suggest to take enough time for all the travelling papers to come into Argentina.

The Executive Board has the right of admission, staying in the event and modifying stated items, if necessary.

Profesor Aguer N° 5059, (1653), Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires.
Tel. Fax 4764-3311 ó 4768-4481.

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